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Custom Work Policy

Customizing Your FASO Site

The Policy

Custom work is available at $125/hour for paying members on the Silver Plan and up.
There is a 1 hour minimum & the work can take up to 2 weeks to schedule and complete.

The Caveat

We don't recommend customization. Our templates are professionally designed to function and display on any device (mobile, laptop, desktops). The more customization added, the more unstable the mobile design aspect becomes. Most websites are viewed on mobile now, and this trend only escalates. How your site looks on iPads, Androids, etc. is more important than ever.

As we continue to release new templates, customization becomes increasingly complex and time-consuming on our end (each template has its own unique code).

We suggest that you review all our available templates first. You just might find one with the right look and features without the need for custom work. We can even help you choose one. 

The Concession

That said, customization is available as mentioned above, under The Policy.
We'll give you a quote prior to doing the work and always get approval from you before applying any extra charges.

NOTE: The Intro plan does not include customization.

Using an Outdated Gen 2 Template

If you are still using an outdated, Gen 2 template, we are not able to offer customization.

Latest technology advancements require all CSS customizations to be loaded over SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Authenticated internet traffic.

SSL can only be installed on Generation 3 templates because the older Generation 2 templates use outdated technologies.

Please see these FAQS:


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