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Jen Yankee Caulfield

Custom Work Option for your FASO Site


Jen ~ Island Breeze Websites

Custom Work on FASO Artist Websites

Email: [email protected]

Click Here for Sample Sites and Here for 'About Jen'

No time or the tech-savvy to work on your FASO site? I can help.

I've worked for FASO since 2009 after all.

Whether for yourself or a group, I make making clean, easy-to-navigate sites.


Some Options


This may include (yet isn't limited to):

  • One-on-one Zoom training sessions
  • Main page image or slideshow and text
  • Promo/Announcement or Patreon Bar
  • Set up Site Menu, renaming categories as you please
  • Add events, workshops & other categories + custom pages if needed
  • Template & color palette
  • Create artwork collections, upload images with all details and descriptions
  • Add additional images if desired such as a framed version, or view-in-room
  • Custom view-in-room / wall mock-up /in-situ images such as David Boyd's here:
    • Add your social media icons
    • Group sites
    • Set a custom browser icon/favicon like this (see the redhead in your browser tab):



Click Here for Sample Sites and Here for Testimonials

Fine Print


My rate is $75/hour, and I'm quick. Some jobs may warrant a flat rate.
Let's talk to see if it's a good fit. Free 30-min phone consultation.

A daunting task can turn into fun collaboration!

(I've worked for FASO since 2009 & know my way around a bit: I should hope so!)



  • This offer is only for FASO-hosted websites, whether a new site or not.
  • I don't do social media posts or maintenance, but we can refer someone!
  • I work remotely from Hawai'i... however, even though it is my time zone... my work ethic is way more robust than "island time." Just so ya know.

Deep breath...

Hapuna Beach, photo: Jen Yankee Caulfield

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