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How do I change my template?

Click Here for Samples of Artist Website Templates by FASO

To explore our modern designs and select a template for your website:

  • from  FASO Control Panel
  • click Design icon (upper row)

You'll see your current template and color palette below the red and blue buttons. 
Make a note of this just in case you want to go back to what you have been using.

  • click Site Template button
  • click the arrow icon to see complete list of choices

  • you can navigate each example site by clicking on the navigation links such as:
  • click Apply {{design name}} TO YOUR SITE button (far right)

  • click Continue

To go back to the site style you were previously using, click the Revert button.

NOTE: this only goes back to the most recent previous selection.

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Templates Hard-Coded for Color


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