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Artwork Viewing Experience - Virtual Room

View in Room - In Situ - let your collectors see your art on a wall

This FAQ covers the View in Room feature, which shows a link for ROOM.

You may also be interested in these related features (click to go see):

Artwork Viewer ~ the Zoom Feature
Show Artwork Framed Plus Additional Views of Artwork

All 3 features work on the Silver Plan and up; They're not available on Intro.

Note - Only the Best for You

We've replaced some of the ROOM images with more elegant looks such as:
Over-fireplace, bright living room, chic boudoir, corporate office & conference room.

Check out these samples:


In Situ is Latin meaning on site, in position or in place.

  • Your collectors can better imagine your art in their own home when showcased this way.
  • Our built-in feature saves you from fussing with Photoshop or a pricey external resource.
  • It's simple and is already in place on our latest templates.
  • It's free!

Be sure you've added dimensions to your artworks - Vertical Size and Horizontal Size:

For help on that, see:
How do I edit an image and the content on an image in my portfolio after uploading?

Show Framed Version

Guess what else? You can show your work framed in the ROOM view like this:

You just need framed images of your art in addition to the unframed versions.
Add these by uploading to Additional images of this art work.

It's important that the framed image be added to the correct spot:

See our FAQ Show Artwork Framed Plus Additional Views of Artwork for full steps.

Then when you visit your live site and click on ROOM from an artwork:

You get an option to view the piece Unframed or Framed:

Actual Framed Sizes

You can have the ROOM view show the true outside-framed size so it's more accurate.
(We'll likely use these dimensions in the future to calculate shipping costs.)

For this, when editing an artwork in your Control Panel:

  • Click Show Advanced_Commerce_Settings

  • Add the Framed Vertical Size and Framed Horizontal Size
  • Save Changes

(Notice the Framed size is 59 x 49)

Size Aware Defaults for View In Room

See this article,
Size Aware Defaults for View In Room,
for info on the upgraded "View in Room" feature. The feature now has some intelligence in matching the first room shown to the size of the painting.

View ROOM Options on Site

Here's how to use the ROOM feature on a live website:

  • Open individual artwork piece
  • Click ROOM and get a view like this

(Notice the Unframed size is 50 x 40)

  • Click Living Room and select from the options

  • Click for Unframed or Framed (as mentioned above)
  • Click for a Wall Color

  • Keep clicking and looking - such fun!

On Mobile Device

  • Click More Viewing Options

  • Tap View in Room

  • Tap Living Room

  • Tap on the room of your choice

  • Try tapping different wall colors

How to Disable

If you prefer to disable the View in Room and/or Zoom features, here's how:

  • From FASO Control Panel
  • Click Gear icon (upper right corner)
  • Click Account Settings
  • Click Settings
  • Under Artwork Viewing Experience, you’ll see two options
    • Enable View in Room
    • Enable Zoom
  • Click Edit (to the right)
  • follow the prompts


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