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A Registered Domain Can't Be Changed

Oops, I registered a misspelled domain!

As soon as you register a domain, it is set for a year and can not be altered. This is internet-wide rule, not a FASO policy.

If you registered a domain in error, perhaps a typo, or you just thought of a better name, your only option is to register another new domain. The fee for registering an additional domain is $20/year.

Then you can let the first domain expire. The second domain will become your Main domain.

One domain is included in all our membership plans, so you would not incur the $20 charge again (unless you keep BOTH domains).

Be sure to inform us that you wish to use the 2nd domain and that you want to let the 1st domain expire.

Our software will automatically renew all domains unless you let us know.

Note: Your FASO Site will work with as many domains as you want to use.

Please see this FAQ:
Multiple Domains and How to Redirect All Domains to Your Main Domain

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