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Difference Between Address Bar and Search Engine

A search engine is designed for typing in a name. Think of it as if you are trying to find someone's phone number. You would look in the White Pages and look up someone's name to find their phone number.

Then you dial the actual number.

A search engine would be for someone to type in your name (maybe with the word art on the end) to find your domain name (website address) and then be able to go to your site.

When you have the domain name, you do not need to access the directory (the search engine, i.e. the white pages) to find the domain. You already have the domain and once you add that to the ADDRESS bar, only your website comes up instead of a listing of search engine results.

The address bar is at the very top of the page and can be used if you know the exact address of the site you want to go to. To use it, type in the address of the site.

The search bar is used when you either don't know the exact address of a site you are looking for, or when you would like to find multiple sites on a single topic. When you use the search box you will be given a list of websites that the search engine feels best meets the criteria of your search.

Another confusing factor is that the address bar always has something in it. So in order to type a new web site address you have to click in the address bar to highlight the current web site address and hit the delete key or just type over the existing text.

Click Here for this great page with visuals for understanding the difference:
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