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What's Not Included in Your Free Kickstart

Some things you'll learn to do yourself, get help from our Support Team etc...

About the Free Kickstart - there are limits...

The partial-site build we offer you for free in your promo is simply a "Kickstart"  - to give you a "leg up" on your new website. You'll take it from there, with the help of our FAQs, webinars and exemplary Support Team.

What Is Included

Here's the section of our FAQ covering what is included:

Please know...

When done with your Kickstart, we send you a follow-up with how to get help and find answers, plus a link to a recorded Getting Started webinar. Well, hellOOO... why don't we just give you the link now? Here 'tis:


Not part of the Kickstart freebie

Here's a non-inclusive list of what's not on offer from the Kickstart Team (our other teams can help when our part is done):

  • Beyond 50 artworks (we will do more at $1 per image)
  • Uploading images that are for additional views (such as various sides of a 3-D piece)
  • CV/Resume / more than 2 bio images (basic bio page is included)
  • Artwork details/description other than these: title, medium, size, price 
  • Domain transfer
  • Blog posts
  • Custom pages


Our Support Agents and Domains Team are always here for you to help with additional updates to your site, domain help etc.

Need Custom Work?

Want custom work that's above and beyond our Support Team's realm? You can ask for a referral to a Custom Work Specialist. One way to do so is to click here, fill out the page , then click the orange button to Get Started. We'll put someone in touch with you.

Thanks for your understanding. We appreciate you!

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