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Quickstart Program

If you don't have the time or wherewithal to set up your website, you might be interested in our Quickstart Program. For $250, it's perfect for the busy working artist or if you consider yourself a bit technically challenged.

Here's what we'll do for you in the Quickstart Program:

  • Upload 20  images to your artwork portfolio (additional images are $2.50 ea)
  • Add the data for each piece (title, size, medium...)
  • Add text & image to your Main Page and your About the Artist page
  • Register your personalized domain name
  • Help you choose a template and color palette that compliment your work

Of course after the Quickstart setup, the site would still be yours to edit and update.  We'll walk you through the basics of adding new images and editing your pages, making sure you have the steps for future editing. While we don't offer ongoing webmaster services, we are always here to answer your questions and assist you with your site.

If you're interested, activate your account early by clicking on the Activate Account button in your control panel. This means you would be asked for billing info and charged for your first month. You would not lose any of your free trial time.

Clicking the Activate Account button does three things:

1. leads you through the process of adding your billing information

2. automatically processes your first month member fee and moves your next billing date forward to ensure you receive your full free trial time

3. if activated before the end of your free trial, it adds an additional 30 free days, giving you 60 days free instead of 30 (our way of saying thanks for early activation)

You will not be billed the $250 Quickstart fee until we have completed the work.

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