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Promo Offer - a Kickstart on Your Site

Join as a Gold Yearly Member ~ and we'll start your FASO site for free

Adding your old website content to a new FASO site can be daunting. Let us help!

Take advantage of our limited offer to join FASO. We'll copy certain content from your existing site to a new FASO site as a 'Kickstart' - for free.

No former site? No problem! We'll do your Kickstart from scratch.

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Here's How

  • Click the link in your Promo offer if you have one, or simply sign up and activate (become a paying member) on a 1-year Gold or Platinum Plan  (you'll still get a month free)
    (Already in a free trial? Activate, paying for the first year on Gold or Platinum
  • Open a support ticket to let us know you're interested

Then we send the list of what's needed to get your Kickstart on it's way.

What's Included

  • Home Page slideshow
  • Bio content & image
  • Up to 50 artworks uploaded (+ title, medium, size, price), up to 5 artwork collections
    (The Gold Plan allows unlimited artworks. 50 is just the number we upload for you for free).

Once we've done the Kickstart of your site, you have full editing control over templates, colors, images - everything! Our Support Team can help you with fine-tuning, 7 days/wk:

 Click here for Ways to Find Help and Get Answers

Click here for what isn't included


We add images and content as you send it originally (detailed above).
No charge for the bulleted items above. Beyond that may be billable custom work. We never apply extra charges without your prior approval.

Important - Domain

Yes, you'll be able to use your existing website address aka domain name. However, if we need content from your former site, make no changes to your domain - not yet!

Your original, existing site must remain up, live, online.

Unless you want us to create your FASO site from scratch:

  • Do NOT start the transfer of your domain name
  • Do NOT change the DNS (Domain Name Servers) on your domain name

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