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Upload Non-Art Images with Mobile Phone App - Artful Alerts

Concern about followers being sent a BoldBrush Artful Alert when uploading non art

Due to a limitation of the mobile phone, when you are working from your iPhone using the FASO App, you will not be able to upload non-art images directly to your non-art Images folder. The App is designed to upload artwork only.

If you use the App, images will upload as artwork and will go out to your followers as a BoldBrush Artful Alert.

If you are concerned about your followers getting misconstrued notification, be sure to upload non-art images to the Images folder using the full feature FASO control panel instead of using the App. Login normally to your FASO account control panel on your mobile device (as opposed to using the app) or login using your computer.

  • go to https://data.fineartstudioonline.com/login/ to login directly to your full-featured FASO control panel
  • fill in username and password
  • click Sign In button
  • expand page
  • tap Images Icon (top of page)
  • expand page (again)
  • tap Add a New Non-Art Image
  • tap Choose your image
  • On iPhone, if photo is already taken - tap Photo Library.
  • follow the prompts

You also have the option of moving the image(s) from your cell phone photo library to your computer (you can email / text them to yourself).
Then from your desktop computer, upload to Images folder.

  • login to FASO Control Panel
  • click on Images icon (top row)
  • click on Add a New Non-Art Image
  • follow the prompts

To move image(s) from Artwork Portfolio to Non-art Images folder after uploading:

  • from FASO Control Panel:
  • click on Artwork icon (top of page)
  • click on the image (left column) that needs to be moved (or the word Edit, far right)
  • click on Take out of art portfolio and move to images

NOTE: Having our technicians remove BoldBrush Artful Alerts from your website only removes the option to subscribe. It DOES NOT stop art notifications from being sent to any current subscribers.

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