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When and How Contest Cash Awards Are Disbursed

When Contest Awards Go Out - Paid by PayPal

The prize money is awarded by the 15th of the second month after entering the contest. 

For example:

  1. You enter the January contest.
  2. Judging is early February.
  3. Winners are announced by the end of February.
  4. You receive an email notification that you are a winner in March.
  5. By mid-March (the 2nd month after entering the contest), the prize money is sent via PayPal.

Generally you should have your $$$ by the 15th of that month (March 15th in our example). If you don't have your $$$ by the 15th, that usually means that our accounting is a bit behind; no need for concern. If we notified you by email, then we know you won and will send you your prize.

If you haven't received your $$$ by the end of that 2nd month after the contest, let us know.

We only pay BoldBrush contest awards by PayPal. Winners need to have a PayPal account in order for us to issue the award.

You must provide your Paypal account info within 90 days of winning or your award will be forfeited.

We will notify you of your award by email, but are not responsible if the email does not arrive or you do not see it. It is your responsibility to check the contest website to see if you've won an award.


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