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Verify Site Ownership on Google Search Console

Claim your domain/site with Google

Verifying ownership of your site in Google gives you and Google a secure channel for giving and receiving info. It also servers your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Hot Tip:

If much of this looks overwhelming, just ask & we'll do it for you. 😁 

Read on for how to do it yourself - Verify your domain & site with Google:

  • First, copy your domain such as:
    www.jsorolla.com - or - www.yourdomain.com

(You'll need to remove https:// and any backslashes like / for it to work.)

No custom domain?

If you don't have your own personal domain, it's okay to add your FASO subdomain that looks something like this:

www.jsorolla.faso.com (it will have your FASO Username before faso.com)

  • Log into Google Search Console
  • Paste your URL on the line in the box on the left (under Domain)
  • Click CONTINUE

Now you should get a screen like this:

  • Click COPY 

(You should get that pop-up saying it Copied to clipboard)

You'll get a whole string such as:


The 2 parts you need, separately, are:



(Of course the 2nd part will be unique to you; this is only a sample)

(You may want to open a new tab in your browser)

  • Login to FASO Control Panel
  • Click gear icon for Your Account Settings (top right)
  • Click Account Settings
  • Click Set Google Verification/Extra Meta Tags

  • For Extra Meta Tag Name, enter this: google-site-verification
  • For Extra Meta Tag Content, paste that long string of code (it's after the equal = sign that Google gave you)
  • Click Save Changes

Now back to the Google Search Console

  • Click VERIFY

You may need to verify later, as it can take several hours for these changes to go through. You can click VERIFY LATER and come back and try again later.

Here's a 6 minute YouTube video on Google Verification:

Updated 07202020 jyc

Things have changed with this and it seems there may be an easy, automatic way to verify one's domain now. But I need to work on it more to test it. See:


Never mind. I tried that on my own account & it was actually more complicated and not automatic! If you click URL Prefix

It just makes you download an html file, that has the very same code that has to be added the old way! Useless in our case I think. jyc

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