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FASO App for iPhone

FASO app for iPhone

Download the FASO App for iPhone

  • on your iPhone, tap the App Store button 

  • select the Search function
  • type in FASO
  • follow the prompts to install the app
  • enter your FASO Username and Password to login to the app

You can also Click Here to visit the App Store to obtain the free FASO app.

Using the FASO iPhone App will enable you to access a minimized FASO control panel, making it easy to edit some aspects of your website from your iPhone.  

Here are some of the things you can do with this app, using iOS 6 and above:

  • Upload art to your site from your photo library/camera.
  • Edit details of your artwork such as title, size, price, etc.
  • Edit your bio page
  • Edit your home page
  • change the availability of your art (mark it sold for example)
  • Contact FASO support
  • Create custom slideshows that download art from your site onto your phone. This feature can be useful to put together presentations for your collectors or, perhaps a gallery owner.

FASO app not needed on iPad

The app is not necessary on an iPad.

Your iPad will show a regular control panel and website. It's not the same type of mobile device as an iPhone, in that the larger iPad screen has a regular screen resolution.

Exception:  If you have an older iPad running iOS 5.0 or older, you will indeed need the app to upload images.


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