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Facebook Pixel Code ~ Do You Really Need It?

For an introduction to Facebook (FB) pixels, see this FB page:
About Facebook Pixel

The code tracks Facebook Ad Conversion Rates.  

The Facebook Pixel code has no impact unless you are running a Facebook ad.  

If you are not running ads, there is no data to collect. Hence, no need to use the Facebook Pixel code.

Once you have your pixel added to your FASO website's code and someone visits your site, their presence can be tracked. Later, when they go to their Facebook page, an ad could pop-up on the right, advertising your art.

Click Here for this FAQ:
How do I add Facebook Pixel Code?

Questions to ponder:

  • Are you running ads on Facebook?  
  • Where are you sending people from the ad? Where does the ad take people?  
  • What is the goal of your ad?  
  • What are you trying to accomplish by adding this code to your website?

 FASO client Vince Ornato Jr. says:

"My understanding is, apart from Facebook, once someone has a pixel it can then be added to any website that the person has (much like a QR code). In this way, the traffic that is also on said website, YouTube video or other presence on the internet whose content is controlled by the owner, can then be tracked. In this way, the ads for that person can pop up on the surfer's page.
Example: If the pixel is embedded in the videos I have on YouTube, after visiting my page on FB, they go to another completely unrelated video on YouTube, and then my website ad pops up there."

ViewContent is the most applicable to what will be tracked from a FASO website.

The rest of the code suggestions cannot be tracked from a FASO site.  

Code includes all of these items to track:  

  • Standard Events 
  • ViewContent (recommended)
  • Search
  • AddToCart
  • AddToWishlist
  • InitiateCheckout
  • AddPaymentInfo
  • Purchase
  • Lead
  • CompleteRegistration

More Info:

Advanced eCommerce - Custom Code Injection

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