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How Artists and Exhibits are Chosen for Informed Collector

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How Artists and Exhibits are Chosen for Informed Collector

Artists featured in Informed Collector are generally chosen from entries in our BoldBrush Art Contest and Exhibit. Each award winner in our monthly painting competition receives a feature in Informed Collector as part of the award (unless that artist has been featured in the past 12 months).  In addition, we normally select 80-100 favorites to be part of the FAV 15% each month.  Artists for Informed Collector are often chosen from that group as well. Occasionally we will stumble across a great artist to feature, but by far the best way to be considered for Informed Collector is to enter - and place - in our monthly art competition.


Each Tuesday we send a special exhibits edition of Informed Collector. The exhibits edition is a list of upcoming art gallery and museum exhibits sorted by state. 

Included are gallery and museum exhibits pulled from artists on the Gold or Platinum plan at our sister service, FASO Artist Websites. Exhibits and events not held in galleries or museums (fairs, festivals, paint-outs, workshops, demonstrations) are not included. 

The special edition also features a Sponsored Exhibits section that is available for non-FASO customers or those on plans lower than Gold, wishing to advertise their exhibit. Contact us for advertising rates. 

Please don't email your exhibit info directly to our staff as we don't have the manpower to enter exhibit info manually - it's quite simple to add it in your FASO control panel.

Informed Collector Special Edition ~ USA Gallery & Museum Exhibits

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