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How to Set Up a Slide Show on the Home Page

Main Page slideshow option

For your Home/Main Page, you have the option of a slideshow in place of 1 image.

Using a slideshow will replace your Main Page image.
(You can always go back.)

The slideshow feature was created to showcase your art. You do have a choice though: Use images from your Artwork portfolio or from your Images/Your Non-Art Images folder.

Clickable or Not?

You decide if slideshow images click to zoom view

Your artworks will be clickable in the slideshow, i.e. when your site visitor clicks on the image during the slideshow, they'll be taken to that piece on your site.

On the other hand, the non-art images you add will not be clickable.

Hence: If you prefer that none of your images in your slideshow are clickable, the work-around is to upload an additional copy of the artwork to Images/Your Non-Art Images and use those for the Main Page slideshow.

You can have an unlimited number of images in the show, though 5-10 is recommended. You can also create multiple slideshows and switch back & forth as you please.

Our developers are constantly adding new features to the slideshow, so you know.

The slideshow feature is available on all our modern templates. If you've been with us a long time (thank you!) and you have an older template (like Generation 2) let us know & we'll upgrade you for free.

Set up your slideshow

  • From FASO control panel
  • Click Artwork icon (upper left)
  • Click Add/Edit Slide Shows

  • Click Create a Slideshow

  • Type in a title or keep the default (Slideshow date/time)
  • Click Create (red button)

  • Click + Add Artworks

  • Click on individual images to select
  • Click Ok

Rearrange/Remove Images

  • Drag and Drop images to rearrange them
  • Use the red minus button to remove an image from slideshow

Contain vs Cover

Contain means your images will show full frame & resize to fit in the slideshow.
Cover will fill the slideshow area, cropping images as need be.

  • For Image Display Options, choose one:
    • Contain
    • Cover

Here's the difference (same template - Levenson)



Just know that with Cover, some heads may get cut off. 😱 

Enable on Home Page

  • Click to the right of Enable on home page then click Yes so it shows green enabled
  • Click Apply Changes (top left)
  • Click Exit

Enable from Main Page

Once you have set up a Slideshow, you can enable it from the Home Page editing screen:

  • From FASO Control Panel:
  • Click on Your Site’s Home Page (left column)
  • For Use slide show in home page, click the slider on the  right
  • Choose your slideshow from the drop-down
  • Click OK

It should now show green, enabled

  • Click Save Changes

More Samples of Contain vs Cover



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