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Newsletter Subscribers Screen - Explained

When you login to the newsletter software and click on Subscribers, you will see a lot of options. Each option provides more info about your subscriber list as well as offering you ways to manage your list.


Reorder Columns

To better manage your subscriber list you can click on the arrows icons in the headings for

  • Email
  • Name
  • Subscribed
  • Last Opened

to re-sort your list alphabetically or by date. Click on the heading again, and it will re-sort in reverse alphabetical or reverse chronological order.

Search Function

The Search Option works for an email address, a First Name or a Last Name. Sorry, if you enter someone's full name it will not function properly.

Add Subscribers

To add a Subscriber, click on Add Subscribers. Follow the prompts.

Legacy Screen

Click on View Inactive subscribers to access the complete features in the Legacy Screen.

Engagement Rating

  • Snowflake icon: the subscriber has not opened any newsletters.

  • Star Icon: the subscriber is Engaged or Highly Engaged.

To disable this Subscriber Screen and return to the Legacy Subscriber screen: 

  • from FASO account Control Panel
  • click gear icon (upper right)
  • Account Settings
  • Settings 
  • below Artful Mail, click Edit for Newsletter List Segmenting Beta
  • for enable_nl_list_segments: select No
  • submit

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