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The FASO Forum - 3 Facebook Groups

As a FASO member, you have these 3 Facebook communities to choose from. We encourage you to join both.

FASO Community and Support Group

Interact with your fellow FASO artists, ask for advice, ask technical questions etc.
Our Support Team will oversee the group and offer clarification when needed.

Click to automatically join:   
FASO Community and Support Facebook Group

Driven mad by sudden endless pinging notifications from the group? Mute them!

  • From the Facebook page, click the 3 dots (just below the red Invite button)
  • Click Manage notifications

  • Check your choice
  • Click Save

The Backstory:

For years the FASO Forum gave our members a place to connect, pose questions and get help from each other. Our Support Staff monitored it to be sure you got answers. 

Now most people have moved their online screen time to social media. Hence, as of August 2020 the original FASO Forum has been retired.

Art Marketing Mastermind Group

Super active! Over 5.2K members dole out great marketing ideas, tips and successes. Our FASO Marketing Team monitors this group, sharing announcements and ideas.

Art Marketing Mastermind Facebook Group

Access from Control Panel

For your convenience, easily reach both groups from your Control Panel:

  • Login to FASO Control Panel
  • Click Forum (top row)

- OR - 

  • Scroll way down and click FASO Artist Forum (left column under Other)

Either way takes you to this page, where you can click either link:


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