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Can I see my BoldBrush Artful Alerts followers?

Until they respond, your BoldBrush Artful Alerts subscribers remain private. In fact, your fans are more likely to sign up for your alerts knowing they can remain anonymous.

You can view the number of followers:

  • from FASO control panel
  • click Marketing icon (upper row)
  • click Use Marketing Tools button
  • scroll down to BoldBrush Artful Alerts
  • click Change Artful Alert Settings
  • you will see the number to the right of # of active BoldBrush Artful Alert Subscribers

The Way it Works

  • You're not notified when someone signs up to receive your BoldBrush Artful Alerts 
  • If they respond to an alert, then you get their name and email address
  • If they click Like this Artwork, a daily report is sent to you with their email & comments

Purchase Inquiry

If that follower clicks to inquire about buying, that's sent to you immediately, along with their email address and question such as What's the price? or Can you ship it?*

...to indicate if they're subscribed to your FASO Email Newsletter. If not, it would behoove you to invite them to join. (You are notified when someone subscribes to your newsletter.)


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