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BoldBrush Special Edition ~ Paid Ads: Instructional Art Videos

Promote your Instructional Art Video with this unique advertising offer in the Special Edition newsletter, Art Instruction and Marketing Resources, sent out the 4th Monday of every month.

All videos will also be listed in the Online Video Portal for 30 days.

Click Here for an Example.

How to Purchase Video Ad

Please Note: if you are a Non-FASO member, you will need to sign up for a Free Account.

  • from FASO Control Panel
  • click Ads (top row)

  • click on Start New Call For Video Ad

  • fill in all of the required fields
    NOTE: date needs to be entered in this format: YYYY-MM-DD
  • Save Changes
  • click on one of the following:
    • Submit Your Ad 
    • Edit your Ad 
    • Exit

  • When you click on Submit Your Ad, follow the prompts to Submit Payment
  • Wait for Ad Review and Approval

Ad Pricing:

  • $100 Listing, per month - Includes Premium Newsletter Ad - Any Placement
  • $150 per listing, per month - Includes Premium Newsletter Ad - 3rd Spot
  • $250 per listing, per month - Includes Premium Newsletter Ad - 2nd Spot
  • $500 per listing, per month - Includes Premium Newsletter Ad - TOP Spot
  • $50 Video Listing - Online Portal of Video Listings Only

The Fine Print

Deadline is 7 days prior to the fourth Monday of the month.

All advertisements must include:

  • title 
  • image 
  • content / description 
  • target url 

All listings are subject to approval by BoldBrush, Inc.

After you make your ad selection and fill out all required criteria, you will be allowed to preview the ad and make edits if necessary. Once the ad is approved you will receive a confirmation.

Additional Advertising Opportunities


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