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Biography Headline and Tag Line

On your About the Artist page, you can add a Biography Headline and/or Tag Line.

Not all artists have or use a Biography Headline or a Tag Line. These are simply optional fields FASO offers.

Biography Headline

A headline could be something simple such as your name, the name of your studio, or something like:

  • Biography
  • Resume
  • A Little About Me

Tag Line

Tag line is defined as a variant of a branding slogan typically used in marketing materials and advertising. It is a short phrase or catchword that becomes identified or associated with a person, group, product, etc., through repetition.

The idea behind the concept is to create a memorable phrase that will sum up the tone and premise of a brand or product (in this case your art), or to reinforce the audience's memory of a product.

Think of Nike's Just Do It.

Your 'About the Artist' Tag Line is a short statement or quote that will appear at the top of your About page on your live website, under the Biography Headline.  

What you choose to say is really a matter of personal preference. There is no standard for this and some artists choose to leave it blank.


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Taglines, Slogans, and the Art of Verbal Branding

How to Add a Biography Headline and/or Tag Line

  • login to your FASO account control panel
  • click About the Artist (left menu bar)
  • enter desired text in each field (Keep it SHORT!)
  • Save Changes

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