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Copy Blog Posts from Old Blog

If you want to save your Blog posts from an old Blog of yours, you can save each post as a webpage (to your computer), and then re-post them to your FASO site as you have time.

For each blog post:

  • open the existing blog post in Firefox
  • click on File in the far upper left corner
  • click on Save Page As..
  • click on Save as type in the pop-up box
  • click on Webpage, complete

That will save your previous blog post. It's helpful to save them all to one folder on your desktop.

Then to add them to your FASO Blog (this is time-consuming), you will need to create a new Blog post in your FASO control panel for each old post.

Once text and images are added, save it as a draft. You will be able to edit the date for the blog post from Blog Drafts (to reflect your original posting date).

Our FAQs will guide you through getting started with the FASO Blog:

How do I set up and use the Blog? 

All our Blog FAQs

Post dating your blog post:

When you initially post your blog on your FASO site, it will show today's date.

If saved as a Draft, you can click on Drafts - then click on Edit beside the title.


If published as Public Blog post, click on Blog, then click on Edit next to the title.

From here you can edit the date and publish it again. This will change the publish date on your FASO Blog and reorder blog posts on your public blog page by date.

How to add blog topics and related blog posts

Using blog topics will help those visitors interested in a particular subject delve deeper into your blog.

1. You can add your own topics and related blog posts after the first save and proof the initial post.

2. Click on edit beside the blog post title as instructed above.

3. You will see options in the lower portion for adding your own topics and related blog posts.

The FAQs below will be helpful when using topics:

What are Blog Topics and how do I use them?

How do I remove unwanted topics from my Blog?

Important - Duplicate Content

This is a heads-up. Posting the same information on two sites will be considered Duplicate Content and you could be penalized by search engines.

Google (and other search engines) like to see UN-duplicated content.

If you are not keeping your previous blog platform after transferring the information, then delete it from your old blog.

If you plan to keep both blog platforms (FASO and old blog platform), it's important to alter the text in some way to increase your chances of both sites ranking well in the search engines.

To learn more about Duplicate Content, see:

Demystifying Duplicate Content Penalty

Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content SEO Advice From Google

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