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Blog Entry Excerpt

The Blog Entry Excerpt is a condensed description of your Blog post which can be added automatically in Blog Configuration, or post by post (entry by entry).

For more info on Blog Configuration, see this FAQ:
Blog Configuration

Blog Excerpts provide a way for you to show more blog posts in a more managed, organized way taking up less space on the page.

In Blog Configuration, set Front Page Displays to:

  • Full Articles 
  • Excerpts

You can:

a) Let the system automatically create excerpts for you by pulling content from the beginning of your post.


b) Control your content yourself by adding it to the Entry Excerpt text box.

Entry Excerpt is a helpful feature for these reasons:

  1. You might write long posts and want the main Blog page to only show a short excerpt from each post.
  2. The excerpt is used to describe your post in RSS feeds.
  3. The excerpt is typically used in displaying search results.
  4. If you add your Blog image from the img main image drop-down, the image will show with the excerpt.

To enable Blog Excerpts:

  • login to FASO account control panel
  • click Blog icon (upper row)
  • click Blog Configuration
  • for Front Page Displays, select Excerpts from drop-down
  • click Save Changes

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