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Add Fine Art America (FAA) Shopping Cart Widget

You can add a Fine Art America (FAA) Shopping Cart widget to your FASO website. 

Please note, the following requirements must be met:

  • You need to be a FASO paying member
    It is not possible to add iFrame code until you become a paying client. This is due to the need to protect ourselves from malicious spammers.
  • The FAA widget also requires you have a Premium Fine Art America account. Click Here for more info.

Obtain the Widget from FAA

To create a FineArtAmerica (FAA) widget/badge for your site:

  • login to your FAA account (you'll need a Premium account for the widget option)
  • hover over your name, upper right
  • click Behind the Scenes
  • click Shopping Cart Widgets (under Marketing)

  • select the widget of your choice (scroll down to see all options)

You can add your own website color codes so that it matches your site.

  • after adding your color codes (optional), click the box under Embed Code - the code will be highlighted

  • copy (CTRL/V) the code

Add the Code to a Text Editing Screen

Add the code to a text editing box (using a free-form page for example):

  • login to FASO Control Panel
  • click on the category/page where you wish to add the widget
  • click HTML (small icon above text editing box)
  • paste (CTRL/V) the code where you want it to show (below existing text perhaps)
  • click Update
  • click Save Changes

Use Code Injection Option

Add widget to home page, all pages, bio page, etc, following the steps in our FAQ for Code Injection.

Add the Code to a Free Form Page

One of the best ways to add the Shopping Cart Widget to your FASO account is to add it to a free form Page, then add the Page to your navigation bar as an individual category.

Click here for the FAQ:
How do I set up a custom Page?

Basic Steps:

  • from FASO Control Panel
  • click More Categories (left column)
  • click on Pages (blue link, right column)
  • click Add New
  • add Title for the page
    *the page Title is the text that will appear on the Navigation Bar
  • add text
  • click on HTML (above text editing box)
  • paste in the code where you want it to show
  • click Update
  • click Add & Save Now

To add the page to your Navigation Bar/Site Menu:

  • click Edit Navigation Bar (left menu bar)
  • click Page (bottom of left column)
  • click on the title of your page
  • rearrange by dragging it (in right column)
  • click Save (green button at top right)

For more info on using the Navigation Bar, go to this FAQ:
Manage Your Site Menu / Edit Navigation Bar


Link to your FAA Page

You can also add a direct link from your navigation bar to your FAA print shop, without using a widget or a special page. Here's how: 

  • login to FASO Control Panel
  • click Edit Navigation Bar or Navigation Menu (left column)
  • click Custom Link (left column under Menu Item Options)
  • under Menu Structure (right column) click on Custom Link (should have been added as last category at bottom)
  • below Navigation Label ?, replace the word Link with your desired wording (such as FAA, Prints, etc)
  • below URL, replace the URL there by pasting your URL (CTRL/V)
  • click Save (green button, upper right)

For more info see our FAQ:
Can I add a link to an external site on my Navigation Bar?

Click on Barbara A Newby Photography-Additional Galleries

If you need assistance, you can provide us with the code by pasting the code into an email. Send to [email protected]

Add your FASO account # to the subject line.

See FAQ: How do I find my account number?

Tell us what page you want the widget added to.


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