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Add Fine Art America (FAA) Shopping Cart Widget

You can add a Fine Art America (FAA) Shopping Cart widget to your FASO website. 

Please note, the following requirements must be met:

  • You need to be a FASO paying member
    It is not possible to add iFrame code until you become a paying client. This is due to the need to protect ourselves from malicious spammers.
  • The FAA widget also requires you have a Premium Fine Art America account. Click Here for more info.

Obtain the widget from FineArtAmerica

To create a FineArtAmerica (FAA) widget/badge for your site:

  • login to your FAA account (you'll need a Premium account for the widget option)
  • hover over your name, upper right
  • click Behind the Scenes
  • click Shopping Cart Widgets (under Marketing)

  • select the widget of your choice (scroll down to see all options)

You can add your own website color codes so that it matches your site.

  • after adding your color codes (optional), click the box under Embed Code - the code will be highlighted

  • copy (CTRL/V) the code

Options for adding the code to FASO are listed below.

Add the Code to a Text Editing Screen

Add the code to a text editing box (using a free-form page for example):

  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • click on the category/page where you wish to add the widget
  • click HTML (small icon above text editing box)
  • paste (CTRL/V) the code where you want it to show (below existing text perhaps)
  • click Update
  • click Save Changes

Use Code Injection Option

Add widget to home page, all pages, bio page, etc, following the steps in our FAQ for Code Injection.

Add the Code to a Free Form Page

One of the best ways to add the Shopping Cart Widget to your FASO account is to add it to a free form Page, then add the Page to your navigation bar as an individual category.

Click here for the FAQ:
How do I set up a custom Page?

Basic Steps:

  • from FASO account Control Panel
  • click More Categories (left column)
  • click on Pages (blue link, right column)
  • click Add New
  • add Title for the page
    *the page Title is the text that will appear on the Navigation Bar
  • add text
  • click on HTML (above text editing box)
  • paste in the code where you want it to show
  • click Update
  • click Add & Save Now

To add the page to your Navigation Bar/Site Menu:

  • click Edit Navigation Bar (left menu bar)
  • click Page (bottom of left column)
  • click on the title of your page
  • rearrange by dragging it (in right column)
  • click Save (green button at top right)

For more info on using the Navigation Bar, go to this FAQ:
Manage Your Site Menu / Edit Navigation Bar


Link to your FAA Page

You can also add a direct link from your navigation bar to your FAA print shop, without using a widget or a special page. Here's how: 

  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • click Edit Navigation Bar or Navigation Menu (left column)
  • click Custom Link (left column under Menu Item Options)
  • under Menu Structure (right column) click on Custom Link (should have been added as last category at bottom)
  • below Navigation Label ?, replace the word Link with your desired wording (such as FAA, Prints, etc)
  • below URL, replace the URL there by pasting your URL (CTRL/V)
  • click Save (green button, upper right)

For more info see our FAQ:
Can I add a link to an external site on my Navigation Bar?

Click on Barbara A Newby Photography-Additional Galleries

Need help? 

Provide us with the code.

The best way to is to paste the code into an email to [email protected]

It's helpful to add your FASO account # to the subject line.

  • login to your FASO account Control Panel
  • Help (top left)
  • CONTACT (upper right)

Account number is in upper right corner.

Tell us what page on your site you would like for us to place the widget and we'll do our best.

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