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Blog Configuration

When you click Blog, then Blog Configuration, you'll see the following Blog Configuration options.

These are OPTIONAL. You can choose to use them or not. They are provided so that you have more editing options in regards to your blog. They are dependent upon your personal preferences.

Blog Title

Adding a title to this field will replace your website's Navigation Heading (which is often Your Name Fine Art) only on the blog pages.

When you add a  Blog Title to the Blog Title field, the title you add will override the text that is in your Navigation header ONLY on the blog pages. The Blog Title will be visible to site visitors when they are engaged with your live blog. 

See example below: On a Painter's Journey      

Blog Tagline

The Blog Tagline field is provided so that you can add a short line of text describing your blog. It will show below a Blog Title. 

The Blog Tagline will be picked up by and shown in search engines.

You can use it for clarification of what your blog is going to include. For example, a short whimsical statement such as:
Joaquin, Painter of Land and Sea

Many artists leave this field blank.

Require Email Verification of Comments

Whether Email Verification is set to YES or NO:

  • You will ALWAYS receive an email notification that a blog comment has been made.
  • You will ALWAYS have the option to deny (remove) the comment.

Comment Verification set to NO       
This is the default setting.       
A comment will automatically appear on your blog post within a few minutes of the comment being made.       
You will receive an Email Notification that a comment has been made.

Comment Verification set to YES       
Both you and the person leaving the comment will receive an email with a Verification Code Link that MUST BE CLICKED by ONE OF YOU before the comment will appear on your blog.        
If no one verifies the comment it will not post.

Front Page Displays

2 available options:

  • Excerpts
  • Full Articles

If you choose Full Articles for Front Page Displays, all the text will display on the opening page of your blog.

If you choose Excerpts for Front Page Displays, only the text you add to the Entry Excerpts text field will show on your blog opening page. 

Blog Excerpts provide a way for you to show more blog posts in a more managed, organized way taking up less space on the page.

If you choose Excerpts for Front Page Displays and do not add any text in the Entry Excerpt's text box, the system will use the first couple of sentences from your blog post. 

For more info on Entry Excerpts including how they are used on Facebook, see this FAQ:     
Blog Entry Excerpt

Front Page Number of Posts

This field allows you to designate the number of blog posts you want to have displayed on your opening blog page.




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