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Reply to a Comment on your Blog

Respond to a Comment

The best way to respond to a blog comment is to do it the same way your visitors do.

  • go to the blog on your live website
  • click on the individual post
    (OR click on the individual post in the Recent Blog Posts widget)
  • click on Comment on this (top of post)
    OR scroll down to Leave a Comment
  • enter your Name, Email, Website and Reply to the Comment Box fields

Comment Box section will look like this:

If you want to comment on a specific comment someone else made, refer to the author by name. 

You can also leave a single comment that includes replies to several people. Example:

Delete a Comment

If you receive notice of a blog comment you do not wish to keep on your blog post, you can delete the comment as follows.

  • from your FASO Control Panel
  • click on Blog
  • click EDIT to the right of the blog post
  • click Go To Comments (lower right)
  • click Delete (to the right of the comment)
  • click Save Changes

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