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How do I link to my non-FASO blog?

Learn how to create a link to an outside blog from your FASO website.

To add a link onto your Navigation Bar/Site Menu to your external, non-FASO blog:

First, copy (CTRL/C) the URL (web address from address bar of your browser) for your non-FASO blog. It will look something like this:


  • login to FASO Control Panel 
  • click Edit Navigation Bar (or Navigation Menu) - left column 
  • in left section under Menu Item Options, click Custom Link 
  • in right section under Menu Structure, click drop-down arrow for Custom Link to the right of Link
  • under Navigation Label, replace the word Link with your desired name on your site (such as Blog, Blogspot etc) 
  • under URL, replace the URL there by pasting (CTRL/V) your blog URL
  • click Save - green button above right



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