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The Importance of Event Dates and their Chronological Order

Event Dates

Events are listed chronologically by the beginning date of the event. 

The end date is also important, as when that date is past, the event will be classified as 'archived.' It will no longer appear on the current event page. It will only display in the Archived Events screen.

Use both beginning and end dates when entering your events even if it is a one day event.

Make sure to enter dates as NUMBERS.
Friday, November 19th, 2021 needs to be entered as 11/19/21.

Reception Dates take precedent.

If you list a reception, and that date comes before another event's beginning date, the reception date event will show first.

If you have no dates listed on an event, the event will appear at the top of the page. These 'dateless' events will always list above any event you have entered that include dates.

All events listed without a beginning date will be listed in alphabetical order.

Events with no ending date will never drop off the page.

The Event date fields are formatted specifically in the USA date format: mm/dd/yyyy

Our apologies, they cannot be changed.
For European dates, we recommend that you put the dates in the description field.


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