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How do I add an image to my Event?

You can add many details to your Events pages including type of event, location, contact info, cost, reception time, website etc.

See this FAQ for more info: How To Add Events

Add Image using Image Field

  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • click Events (left column)
    If you have not yet added Events to your navigation bar, click More Categories, then click Events
  • click Edit to the right of the event
    click Add New
  • to the right of Image, click Change Image to find your image visually
  • click on the drop-down to find your image by title
  • click Save Changes

The image will show on both the Overview page, yourdomainname.com/events and the More Details pages for each individual event on all templates.

Add Image(s) into Text Box

Since you have control over the size of the image when adding images in this manner, this is perfect for those who need more control over the image size.
  • activate your cursor in text box area where you want the image to appear
  • click on Image Gallery icon (in small tool bar, top edge of text box - mountain & sun icon)
  • A window will pop up with three ways to add an image:

1. Add a New Image from Your Computer
2. Use an Image that you've already uploaded
3. Use an Image from the another Website

  • click on your preference
  • Choose your image by clicking on the image
  • click 'Insert Medium Image', 'Insert Large Image' OR 'Insert Original Image'
  • click Save Changes

You can also add a link to the image when image is added to Text Box in this manner.

See this FAQ: How do I add a live, clickable link to some text?

You'll find steps for re-sizing an image added to text box area in this FAQ:
Add Image to Page with Text Editing Screen


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