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FTP and Root Directory Not Supported for FASO Sites

FASO is a web application, much like Facebook, Twitter, Tubmlr, Blogger along with other hosted web applications.

We use proprietary software created and owned by Clint Watson, our founder, president, and lead technician.

We host our artist's website but do not provide any FTP service or access to a Root Directory.

All our websites are template based and are created using our web based software through each artist's individual control panel.

Since our system is template based and works differently than a custom website, there is no root folder - all your info is stored in your control panel on our database.

There is no simple way to back it up to a CD.

FASO sites have a lot of dynamic features beyond what can be achieved with plain old html. For this reason and for security reasons, FASO does not support direct FTP access to your site. 

NOTE: the FASO web application has no relation to the wordpress software.

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