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Reach and Visitors ~ Marketing Dashboard

On the Home screen of your Control Panel you will see
 Reach   and   Visitors Last 30 Days , each displaying a number.


Your Reach Number is made up of 2 parts:

  1. Your newsletter subscribers
  2. The number of people who've signed up for BoldBrush Artful Alerts* on your FASO site

To increase your reach, you can take the following actions.

Increase Your Newsletter Subscribers

  • Email people you know personally and encourage them to join your newsletter
  • Send newsletters often - sending encourages sharing, hence new subscribers
  • Ask people you meet in real life if they would like to receive your newsletter; If they say Yes, add them!
  • Promote your newsletter when you post to your social media accounts
  • Add a link to your newsletter signup page in your email signature
  • Add a call to action at the end of your blog posts

Increase your BoldBrush Artful Alerts followers

BoldBrush Artful Alerts are great because they are basically automatic newsletters that are sent every time you post new art. They work great if you post new art regularly, since they don't require the time and effort of more traditional newsletters.

  • Encourage people to sign up for your Artful Alerts at http://(yourdomain).com/follow
  • Enter the BoldBrush Competition - there's an Artful Alerts (Get New Art Alerts) button next to each entry
  • Ask people to vote for your BoldBrush contest entries. When they do, they can sign up for your Artful Alerts with 1 click (super effective)
  • Encourage folks to sign up for Artful Alerts on your social media channels


Increase the Number of Visitors to Your Website

  • Send newsletters regularly. Newsletters drive people to your site
  • Promote your art, exhibits and projects on social media with links back to your site
  • Your followers can feel included in our contest by voting for your entries, plus we include a link to your site
  • Post new art often - we include new art in the FASO Daily Art Stream, sent to over 70,000 inboxes, with your website link

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