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Offer a Free Print as a Way to Build Subscriber List

Popular advice for email list-building is to entice your potential subscribers with a free offer.

It can be something simple such as a postcard, a greeting card, or a bookmark with your art on it.

You can offer the free print as a downloadable piece or you can produce the print yourself and mail it to the subscriber.

Here is the process.

Add an Eye Catching (grabber note) to your main page offering the FREE Print. Link the offer to a free form Page (that is not listed as a category on your navigation bar).

The link on your Main Page can be in large print and simply say
FREE PRINT offer...do I have your attention now?  

Interested people will have to click the link to view the page containing the free print offer. 

This does two things:

  • increases your subscriber list
  • gathers names and physical addresses to be used for future marketing through snail mail

Click Here for a tutorial on how to do this and how it works written by FASO's Tech Support agent, Marsha Robinett.

IMPORTANT:  Use the Pages Category to do the same thing (more efficiently than using a blog post). 

(Step 1)
Create the Special offer Hidden Page and grab the url for the linked text message on your main page.
See this FAQ:
Create a Hidden Page That Does Not Show on Navigation Bar as Navigation Category

(Step 2)
Add an enticing message to your main page and link to the hidden page you created above.
See this FAQ:
How do I add a live, clickable link to some text?

That’s it! Your new FREE Print offer is in place for Subscribers.  When they click the link on your main page, they will be taken to the special offer page you created in Pages.

You could also add a link to your new hidden page to the Newsletter Subscribe page displayed in your navigation bar. You can learn more from this FAQ: Newsletter List Name and Signup Form

Note: this will NOT work if only using the Newsletter widget.

Also see this FAQ:
How do I build a newsletter mailing list?

Building a solid subscriber list can take time. Nevertheless, as soon as you have a few subscribers it is benefical to start sending out your newsletter.


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