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Create a Hidden Page That Does Not Show on Navigation Bar

There is often a need to create a Content Page that you do not want listed as a Category on your Navigation Bar. This is considered a Hidden Page

NOTE: Please understand that there is no way to create a Hidden Page that is guaranteed to be 100% private. The Page, though not listed in your Navigation Bar, can still be picked up by the search engines.
See FAQ: Remove Hidden URL and/or Page from Google

Some possible reasons for creating a hidden page:

  • Perhaps you want to add your CV (Curriculum Vitae) to a separate page and add a link to the CV onto your Bio Page?
  • Perhaps you are teaching a workshop and want to share your Supply List with your workshop participants?
  • Perhaps you have a need to add a link to a pdf file for a free ebook?
  • Perhaps you are a gallery and need to create hidden pages for the artist biographies and link them to each artist's Collection Description? 
  • Perhaps you have lengthy stories for some of your art? Adding a short excerpt to the comments section and linking to a Hidden Page for the complete article works great.
  • Perhaps you want to offer a Free Print to new Newsletter Subscribers?

Create the Page

  • from FASO Control Panel
  • Click 'More Categories' (left menu bar)
  • Click on 'Pages' (right column)
  • Click 'Add New'
  • Add Title for the page
    *Page Title text will appear in the page url and on page for the website visitor to see
  • Add image(s) in the text editing screen (place cursor in text editing screen where you want image to go; click on image gallery icon (mountains & sun icon on far right); follow prompts)
  • Add text
  • for Visibility option, choose Unlisted as needed. The default is set to Public.
  • Click 'Add & Save Now'

First find the URL of the page.
See this FAQ:
How to Find the URL of a Page on your FASO site

  • from FASO control panel
  • open editing screen for the page you want to add the link to
  • add text, something like 'Click Here for my Info'
  • Select, highlight this text
  • click the 'Insert/edit Link' icon in small tool bar - looks like a chain link, 4th from the right
  • new window pops up
  • paste the url into the pop-up box Link url line
  • click Insert
  • Save Changes


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