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How to Find the URL of a Page on your FASO Site

There are 2 ways of finding the URL (the website address) of a page on your FASO site.

From FASO Control Panel

These instructions are specific to finding the url of a Free Form Page that has been created but it will work in the same manner for any page of your site (other than the Home page).

Page Number from URL

  • login to FASO control panel
  • access the page (more Categories >> Pages >> Edit page)
  • In the url of the Page editing screen you will see the Page number
    example: https://data.fineartstudioonline.com/cfgeditpages.asp?action=edit&KEY=36099&START=&ORDER=
  • Add that number to this url, replacing mydomainname.com with your domain
    example: https://mydomainname.com/page/36099

URL from Edit Navigation Bar screen

  • login to your FASO control panel
  • click Edit Navigation Bar (left column)
  • scroll down to Page under Menu Item Options (left column) 
  • click on the arrow next to Page to reveal all your custom pages 
  • click on the hidden page so that it pops over to the right Menu Structure column
    (Do NOT Save) 
  • click on the page title or the drop down arrow to reveal the URL address 
  • after you have copied the URL address, you can Remove the hidden page or just click the red Cancel button at the top.

From Live Website

For most pages, you can go to the live website and simply add the page title after the domain name, as follows. 

NOTE: The pages do not need to be listed as a category in the Nav Bar for this to work.

  • mydomainname.com/about
  • mydomainname.com/works
  • mydomainname.com/contact
  • mydomainname.com/workshops
    you can click on individual workshops to get the one workshop's url
  • mydomainname.com/events
    you can click on individual events to get the one event's url
  • mydomainname.com/links
  • mydomainname.com/email-newsletter
  • mydomainname.com/newsletter-archive
  • mydomainname.com/books
  • mydomainname.com/pages
    when you go to mydomainname.com/pages, you can access all individual page urls. All pages, whether they are hidden from nav bar or not, show up on the mydomainname.com/pages Overview screen.
    NOTE: this does not apply to pages that have Visibility set to Private
  • Click on each individual page to access the individual page's url.
  • mydomainname.com/collections/42073
    you can easily obtain the collection number from Control Panel > Artwork > Add/Edit Collections > Edit a Collection > grab the collection number from the url

NOTE: This works the same for any individual page (events, books, workshops, etc.).
The number of the event, the book, a workshop, etc. will show in the url for the individual listing in the control panel.

URL of a Hidden Collection

For info on how to obtain the url for a hidden collection, see this FAQ:
Share a Hidden Collection


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