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How do I build a newsletter mailing list?

Build Your Subscriber List

Building an email newsletter subscriber list is time-consuming, but well worth it. It is one of the most important marketing assets you have. 

Some of the best resource articles can be found by clicking here for a list of articles about newsletters on Fine Art Views.

Here are a select few:

Have You Signed My Guest Register? and Other Ideas to Build Your Mailing List
by Keith Bond on 6/7/2010

Regarding the contacts you already have that you may be overlooking:
Your Hidden Email Subscriber List
by Clint Watson on 11/1/2012

What You Really Need are customers who are interested in, and therefore, actually purchase art.
by Clint Watson on 1/9/2008

Use Your Mailing List
by Keith Bond on 11/9/2009

A Simple, Focused Snail-Mail Campaign
by Keith Bond on 1/30/2012 9:18:23 AM

Forum Discussion: Building your email subscriber list

Some ideas for building your subscriber list:

  • Share the link to your signup page on social media sites.
    The url will look like: 
    • http://YourDomainName/email-newsletter
    • https://YourDomainName/email-newsletter
  • If you have a Facebook business page, you can add the newsletter tab so people can sign up there.
    See this FAQ:
    Add Email Newsletter App to Facebook Page
  • If you have art shows, have a signup sheet available for visitors to subscribe.
    NOTE: you MUST have explicit permission to add anyone to your subscriber list.  
    You can read more about 'the basic principle of permission' and usage policy by clicking here.
  • Email the link to your signup page to your friends and family. Ask them to subscribe and see if they would like to share with their friends.
  • Offer a free gift to new subscribers. It can be something simple, such as a postcard or greeting card with your art on it. Click Here for more info.
  • When someone makes a purchase, ask them if they would like to sign up to your newsletter to be notified about future art.
  • Write a blog post about your newsletter and include the signup link. Share the blog post on your social media sites.
  • Include text that encourages your current subscribers to pass it on to their art-loving friends. For example, include a sentence like this: Please feel free to forward this to your art-loving friends!
    Be sure to include the signup link in your newsletter so that these friends can easily subscribe.
  • Mention your email newsletter on your business cards.
  • Add a link and an invitation in the signature portion of your email software, so that with each email you send, the recipient can easily subscribe.
    NOTE: The url for your newsletter subscribe category page is:
  • When you send a newsletter, add the sent newsletter to the public archive on your website.
    NOTE: This is done automatically for all newsletters sent via Artful Mail.
    This allows visitors on your site to see your past newsletters. You and visitors can easily share the newsletter on social media sites.

These are just a few ideas. You might also want to ask this question of your fellow FASO artists in the FASO Forum by clicking here.

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