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Add an Announcement/Promo or Patron Bar

Promote your newsletter, events, patron offer & more with a bar at the top of your site

Amp up your marketing! Promote your newsletter, online event, pop-up show or appeal to patrons to support your work, with a bar at the top of every page on your site.


Click below for a 12-min. video tutorial on your options for adding the bar. You may want to click for full-screen.

Hot Tip:

For your Announcement Bar to show, you must have Referral Program Topbar Disabled.

Announcement/Promo Bar

Here's a screenshot of an Announcement Bar. The text in yellow will be a live link on your site.

Even when one scrolls down your page, the bar remains fixed up top until the site visitor clicks on the x on the far right.

Patronage Bar

Another option is to add a Patronage Bar:



If you X out the promo bar on your live site (by clicking on the little x on the right), it won't appear for you again! Not even after refreshing your browser.

The good news is that your website visitors will still see it.

To have it show for you again, you'll need to do one of the following:

a) try another device
b) try another browser
c) clear your cache

Click here for the FAQ on clearing cache.

Incognito Window

See this 3 min. video to learn how to view your site incognito:


You have 3 options for what shows in your bar:

A) Join Email List
B) Any announcement of your choice
C) Patronage Bar

Only 1 of the 3 can show at a time; however, you can switch them up to your heart's delight!

Steps for Options A, B & C

Here are steps for each of the 3:


  • Login to your FASO Control Panel
  • Click Marketing icon (upper row, towards right)
  • Click Use Marketing Tools
  • Click Change Promo Bar Settings (under Announcement Bar)
  • Move slider to the right, to Enable (it'll turn green)
  • Click Save Changes

Now Join Email List will appear like so:


  • Login to your FASO Control Panel
  • Click Marketing icon (upper row, towards right)
  • Click Use Marketing Tools
  • Click Change Promo Bar Settings (under Announcement Bar)
  • Make sure it's Enabled (it'll be green)
  • Fill in these 3 fields:

Promo Message
Promo URL (the full web address to link to; starts with http)
Promo Call To Action Text

  • Click Save Changes (green button)

It'll look like this:


Don't add "quotation marks" or your message won't show.

Also, be sure to fill in all 3 fields; the middle field has to be a working URL, even if it just links to the main page of your site.

The bottom field is for text that becomes a link to that URL above it.


Add a Patronage Bar to encourage your collectors, followers & admirers to support your art:

(No need for a profile on a third party platform like Patreon. More on this below.) 

Here's a site with it enabled:


1. Do not enable the Patronage Bar if you want to add a Promo Bar Announcement.
Remember, only 1 can show at a time, and the Patronage Bar will 'win.'

2. You need to have SSL added to your site in order for the Patron Bar to work.

3. When you add the Patron Bar, make sure to clear out the fields for the Announcement Bar, as that could cause issues. See B) above.

4. The message on the Patron Bar will show the name on the account.
To change the name that shows in the Patron Bar, you will need to change the name on the account. See this FAQ: How do I change the name on my account?

Your patron can choose to support your art at $3, $5 or $10/month.

Here are the steps:

  • Login to your FASO Control Panel
  • Click the gear drop-down (upper right)
  • Click Account Settings
  • Click Settings (under General Settings)
  • Under Marketing, if Patronage Bar is disabled, click Edit

  • Check Yes to enable (No to disable)
  • Click Save Setting (blue button)

(Notice there's a link above to customize your message. See the bottom of this FAQ.)

You must have eCommerce set up and PayPal connected to your FASO account for this feature.

Your supporters don't have to register with yet another site. Their monthly patron pledges are handled through PayPal from your site (we are not in the middle).

Be sure you have a business account with PayPal so your patrons can easily pay by credit card if they prefer not to purchase via PayPal.

Click here for the way to add PayPal to your site

Custom Message

Now you can customize your Patronage Bar - how cool is that?


Your site visitors will only see your custom message once they click to Learn More:

Another example:


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