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Refresh Browser/ Clear Cache & Cookies/ Reboot

Hard Refresh Your Browser to See Updates

Quick Hard Refresh

This will refresh your page so you should see new updates - handy when editing your site!

Windows/PC: (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) Control + Reload button -or- CTRL/F5 -or- CTRL/Shift/R (or CTRL/F5)

Mac/Apple: (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) Command/Shift/R

Safari: Command/Option/R

(The latest MS Edge is like Chrome now.)

See How to hard refresh your browser and clear your cache

The Back Story

The Cache is how computers store information to make it easier/quicker to navigate to places on the web that you have already visited.

Your browser will save web pages that you have visited, in a file on your hard drive, in order to increase the speed at which your browser opens that same site again.

Since faster is better on the web, this is great as long as you haven't made changes to a particular page. When you've made changes and the browser is wanting to hold on to the 'old' page, that's not helpful at all.

Periodically, you need to clear your cache so the 'new' page can be accessed from the server and displayed properly.

Clearing your cache isn't hard and is very beneficial. 

We suggest a web search of the name of your browser and 'clear cache' if you're unsure of how to perform this operation. 

For unexplainable reasons, other than by saying 'stuff happens', the cache on any computing device can sometimes get confused even without having made an update to the website. This seems to happen to most internet browsers, and at random times.

Computers and mobile devices will, on occasion, display a cached (older) version of the page. This is what computers do to speed processing time, bringing the page to your screen from your computer or mobile device's cache instead of getting it fresh from the web.

It's not always a caching problem, but since it happens often enough, "clear your browser cache" is often one of the first diagnostic steps you'll hear from support personnel.

Clearing your browser cache can solve many issues. 

Here's are the options to try when your website is not properly displaying:

  • Refresh your browser
  • Clear browser Cache (history) and Cookies
  • Restart your computer


Refreshing your internet browser window depends on which browser you use, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge etc.

Chrome: Page refresh is the circular arrow icon - top left - to the right of the back/forward buttons - says Reload this page when hovered over.

Firefox: Page refresh is a circular arrow up top, right of the address bar - says Reload current page when hovered over.

Safari: Page refresh is a gray arrow in a circle at the top of the screen that says Stop/ Refresh.

Microsoft Edge: Circular arrow, upper left, says Refresh when hovered over.

Internet Explorer: It's the Refresh icon - next to your address bar at the top of the screen that has two small green arrows. (We highly recommend you upgrade to Edge.)

Clear Cache / Cookies

The steps to clear cache and cookies vary depending upon what internet browser you use and what version.

We suggest a web search of the name of your browser and 'clear cache' if you're unsure of how to perform this operation. 

When a browser gets updated, the procedure for clearing cache and cookies can change.

When clearing cache and cookies, make sure not to check any options for clear stored passwords

Clearing cache will not affect your passwords, nor will it stop your computer from auto-filling in forms (unless you choose these options! Please be sure to read carefully).

Clearing cookies will log you out of any sites you're logged into.

This page, REFRESH YOUR CACHE provides info on how to clear cache in various browser version.

NOTE: browsers update their versions on a regular basis. If this info does not help you with your particular browser, do a search for "clear cache {{browser name and version}}"
(replace {{browser name and version}} with your info).

You can do a Google search on a phrase such as clear cache on chrome 54.0 to find a page such as this video, Clear cache and cookies in Google Chrome.

For Firefox:

For Safari:

For Internet Explorer

Delete cookies in Brave browser

Go to Settings towards the bottom. 
On the left-hand side, expand Additional Settings. 
Click on Privacy and security.


  1. Under Time range — Choose the All-time option.
  2. Uncheck Browsing History and Cookies and other site data.
  3. Ensure that Cached Images and Files are still checked.
  4. Click Clear data.

from Clio Help Center: How Do I Clear My Browser Cache in Brave?

NOTE: We highly recommend using any browser other than Internet Explorer with our software. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox & Microsoft Edge work great. They're free, and you can use multiple browsers on your computer.


Doing a Restart / Reboot of your computer is often a simple fix for mystery issues.

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