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How do I copy and paste text?

1. Open the document containing the text you wish to copy

2. Click somewhere in the document and press the "Ctrl" key and the "A" key at the same time (Global Select All Command). This should highlight all of the text. (You can also highlight everything with your mouse by moving the cursor to the beginning of the text and then click your mouse and drag the cursor to the end of the text)(You can also click on the "Edit" menu at the top of your window and when it drops down click "Select All")

3. Once the text is highlighted, press the "Ctrl" key and "C" key at the same time (Global Copy Command). This will copy the selected text into the computers temporary memory. (You can also click the edit menu and select "Copy" from the drop down menu)

4. Enter the location you wish to paste the text and click the mouse somewhere in the field. (If you are wanting to paste the text in your "About the Artist" category, enter your control panel, click Edit category information, then click About the Artist, and click in the larger field for text)

5. Once you have clicked in the new location press the "Ctrl" key and the "V" key at the same time (Global Paste Command). You should see the text appear in the text box. (You can also click the edit menu and select paste from the drop down menu).

For more info please see this FAQ:

I copied and pasted text into an editing screen. The format is all askew. How do I fix this?

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