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Main Page Image gets Cropped on Some Templates

The following FASO templates are designed to have the Main Page image fill the full width of the screen:

This creates a special overall WOW effect!

It is important to keep in mind that if you choose one of these designs and select a vertical or square image as your home page image, the painting will be cropped accordingly to fit the width of the screen.

For templates that have a whole image background, selecting a long wide horizontal image is the best way to go to get the least amount of cropping if cropping is a concern for you.

This inherent cropping of a vertical or square painting set as your main page image is the nature of these types of templates.

NOTE: Cropping varies depending upon the size of your viewing screen.

Choosing a Vertical Image

Screenshot of Diego (Diego does not crop the image)

Screenshot of Tyler

Screenshot of Yishu

Screenshot of Zorn

Choosing a Horizontal Image

Screenshot of Diego (Diego does not crop image)

Screenshot of Yishu

Screenshot of Zorn 

Screenshot of Yishu

Example when using a Long Horizontal Image

Diego (does not crop image)



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