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Root Certificate Issue ~ SSL Cert Date Invalid ~ Site Not Secure

If your browser complains that your “site is not secure” because the SSL cert is not valid you are using an OS (Operating System) version lower than one of the following OS versions:

  • Windows XP SP3
  • macOS 10.12.1
  • iOS 10 (iPhone 5 is the lowest model that can get to iOS 10)
  • Android  7.1.1

NOTE: The above is a list of the common OS that may be affected, but is not limited to other OS systems that may also be affected.

If this is the case, your computer is missing a root certificate.
You need to update your machine or device to the latest available version.

For info on how to update your OS, you can do a search for:

  • Updating your Windows Operating System
  • Updating your Mac Operating System
  • Updating your Android Operating System
  • Updating your iPhone Operating System

or contact a computer techie for assistance.

NOTE: You can also try using a different browser. That has corrected the issue for some users.

Explanation of Why this Happened

On Sept 30th a root certificate used to sign SSL certificates with, expired. Root certificates are used by a variety of software and devices to validate the authenticity of other certificates such as (SSL/TLS) used to encrypt web traffic.

Once a root certificate is about to expire, a new one is issued and new certificates need to be regenerated and signed with the new root certificate. In order for devices and software to be able to trust certificates issued with the new root certificate, new root certificates need to be installed on each device.

New root certificates are distributed usually through OS updates, so having an older machine and not keeping it up to the latest possible version will cause issues.

The easiest solution is to try to update your computer to the latest version possible. If that’s not an option it is possible to manually install the root certificate but that’s going to require special instructions.

Example of what the error looks like:

How to Manually Install Root Certificate

For macOS 

For Windows


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