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Accessibility Widget for Disabled Persons

ada - userway free disability widget

FASO does not offer a built-in Accessibility widget.

One off-site source that we have been informed about is userway.org. They offer a free Accessibility widget.

Click on their Get the Widget It's free button.

Once you have copied their widget code, add it to your FASO website as follows:

  • login to FASO control panel
  • click gear icon for Settings (upper right corner)
  • click Account Settings
  • click Code Injection
  • From this screen you can add the code to all pages or to one page.
    For complete instructions on adding javascript see this FAQ:
    Adding Custom Javascript Code - Code Injection

On the live website, a user would click on the icon and the Accessibility menu pop ups.

userway.org is not our software, We are not informed by them of any changes they may make.

This info is provided as a convenience if you are in need of wanting to add an Accessibility Widget.

You are welcome to do a search for other companies that offer Accessibility Widgets.

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