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Adding Sound ~ Music Not Recommended

When showing art, it's tempting to want to create ambiance by adding music to your site like classical or soft jazz. After all, most galleries have soothing music playing and it adds to the experience.

Well, in a word, our recommendation is DON'T.

On the internet, most users dislike websites that force them to listen to music. Yes, they can turn the sound down, but what if they're already playing their own music? Maybe a heavy metal enthusiast is shopping for art like yours. Maybe they don't want to turn the sound down. 

The simple answer: It's best not to add sound to your site. If collectors want to listen to music while they browse, they'll take care of that themselves.

That being said, you CAN add music from an online music sharing website. The music sharing site that you choose to use will provide you with HTML code.

1st, from the music sharing site, copy the embedded code.

2nd, add it to your FASO site as follows:

  • Log into FASO Account Control Panel
  • Go to the page where you want to add the music
  • Click on 'HTML' (top of the text editing screen in row of tools)
  • Paste the HTML code provided by music playlist site
  • click Update
  • Save Changes

This will create the playlist graphic on the page of your site. Visitors will be able to play the music directly from your site.

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