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SEO ~ MetaTags, Keywords, TitleTag, etc.

Change your Search engine settings

In the Marketing section of your FASO control panel you can edit 

  • title tag
  • meta description
  • keywords

Meta-keywords and meta-description do not appear visible to humans on your page, but are looked at by search engines (Google, Bing etc). Be realistic about the use of meta tags. Using them will not magically increase your rankings dramatically nor will they send you a flood of traffic. They can however help you better explain to both Google and human searchers if your site is relevant to them. Think of them as a sort of advertisement as to what your website is about. Do not simply stuff as many keywords as you can think of into them (as you'll see below, we recommend no more than 10 keywords).

Title Tag

Changing the title tag may affect your Google rankings

Think of the title tag as a headline that advertises your website.

If you leave the title tag blank, FASO will automatically use the phrase Your Name Fine Art as your title tag. Perhaps you paint oil paintings of whitetail deer. In that case, you may want to use a title such as Whitetail Deer Oil Paintings by Your Name. Do not make your title tags longer than 70 characters.

See this FAQ:
How to Change Main Page Title Tag

Meta Description

Sometimes listed as your Site Description, changing your description meta tag is unlikely to affect your Google rankings.

Think of the title tag as the copy that advertises your website.

Although the meta description will not help you rank any higher in Google, it can be useful. Google quite often uses the meta-description in the search engine results as the descriptive text to tell the user what to expect when they visit your site.

So you can think of the meta-description as a way to expound upon what a visitor can expect when they visit your site. Do not make your meta description longer than 155 characters. 

See this FAQ:
How do I add a Site Description?

Meta Keywords

Changing your keywords meta tag is unlikely to affect your Google rankings.

Think of the meta keywords as topics under which your site might be filed.

If you've used a blogging system before, you know that you can tag your posts help people find certain topics and/or to understand more what the post is about. Meta keywords are similar to tagging blog posts, except that the tags are for search engines instead of for humans. FASO automatically includes meta-keywords for your first name, your last name, and the word artist. You do not need to add these terms in your keywords section. 

Please note that excessive use of keywords can actually hurt your potential listings in search engines. Use no more than 10 keywords total in the field below.

If you enter additional keywords we also advise that you use those words in the visible text of your FASO site's home page.

While the keywords will not improve your rankings, they may help Google to understand a bit more regarding the subject matter of your site. There is also some evidence that Bing does look at keywords in a very minor way to assist in ranking decisions.

See this FAQ:
Keywords - What They Are, Which to Add

Click Here for Google's official position on the meta-keywords tag.

To change or edit meta tags on your FASO website, do the following:

  • from FASO control panel
  • click Marketing icon (upper row)
  • click on Use Marketing Tools button

  • scroll down to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • click Change Your Search Engine Settings
  • click Edit Home Page Metatags

  • follow the instructions
  • click Save Changes

NOTE: you can also make changes to your Home Page Metatags via the Advanced SEO button.
See this FAQ:
Advanced SEO and Code Button

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