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Can't Send Emails on iPhone 6

Having trouble sending email from your FASO email account on your iPhone 6? 

Try the following on your phone:

  • go to Settings
  • click Accounts and Passwords
  • click on your email account
  • click on Account {{[email protected]}}
  • scroll to bottom
  • below OUTGOING MAIL SERVER, click on SMTP      secure.emailsrvr.com  >   
  • click on secure.emailsrvr.com     On >

Make sure that:

  1. Host Name is set as secure.emailsrvr.com
  2. User Name is your full email address
    IMPORTANT - make sure to manually enter full email address for Username  every time (it may default to just your name
  3. re-enter password - do not trust what's already there as dots
  4. Use SSL is set to ON
  5. Authentication is set as Password
  6. Server Port is 587

Hard Reset/ Forced Reset

If you delete your email account from your iPhone and you re-enter information you may need to do a Hard Reset/ Forced Reset to get the email account working properly. A Hard Reset will clear the cache on your iPhone.

Apple provides the steps on this help doc:
Force restart iPhone
Select your phone version (top left) or scroll down the page.


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