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A Website is Simply a Marketing Tool

FASO started out primarily concentrating on providing artists with the TOOLS to build a site and market themselves. During the pandemic we realized that artists needed more than just a website. They needed a way to market their art.

AMP was released in 2020 and is proving to be a game changer for many artists.

To learn more about AMP, the Art Marketing Playbook, click here to see the section in our FAQs that is all about AMP and how it can benefit you and your art career!

Ultimately we wish that all it took to sell art was to set up a website and publish it on the web so that orders for your beautiful art would start flooding in. Alas, having a website is not a magical solution.

A website is simply a marketing tool. It's success is going to depend upon how you use it as such.

We strongly encourage you to view your web pages as your electronic portfolio, which means it is to be used just like you would use a regular portfolio.

Any way you look at it, the web is one of the least expensive means of getting your work out there to be seen and probably the easiest method of keeping an up-to-date portfolio.

A website is simply one way to promote and increase exposure and interest.

Selling art takes a continuous ongoing commitment and course of action. 

Simply having a website is not likely to automatically sell artwork any more than simply having a telephone will cause it to ring. 

It takes marketing.

If you wish to learn more about art marketing, be sure to check out our Art Marketing Playbook and subscribe to our free email newsletter, Fine Art Views by Clicking Here

Past issues of Fine Art Views are also on the site. They are packed with valuable advice for marketing artwork. Click Here to access the archives of published posts.

Clint Watson (our founder, president and senior technician) talks about how you can rank better in the search engines but ultimately he says it is all about establishing personal connections - starting with one person - and all you need is TEN!

Take a look at this article: 
First, ten

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The bottom line is how do you wish to approach marketing and what are you going to be doing on a consistent basis. Here are some options:

  1. send Email Newsletters?
    Having some sort of mailing list/email list and regularly using it is likely to be the best way to generate ongoing interest.
  2. post Blog posts?
  3. word of mouth?
  4. increase search engine ranking?
  5. share art on social media?

Marketing is an ongoing and long-term project that has to be undertaken by each individual artist to focus attention on his/her work. 

Granted, FASO has incorporated a number of powerful marketing avenues that are included in each membership plan. To name just a few:

Also see this FAQ: 
Advantages of FASO ~ What a FASO Website will do for You

FASO does what we can but the main thrust will be up to you. Ultimately each individual artist has to decide whether or not they are willing to make the sustained effort to achieve their goals.


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