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Advantages of FASO ~ What a FASO Website Will Do for You

You’ve worked hard to create your art. Now you need to present it in the best way online.

FASO websites show your art to the world professionally and are "mobile-responsive" - they look great and function well on desktop monitors and mobile devices alike.

Our sites are full-featured, stand-alone websites, not simply a "portfolio." Combine our templates and color palettes for over 2000 possible design combinations.

To fully market your art online, you need a website, host, domain name, email provider, email newsletter, social media integration, perhaps a blog...

FASO streamlines your life because we offer all of those things and more! You'll only have one account to deal with, and, when you need help, you have only one company to contact. How simple is that?

View our state of the art templates by clicking here.

FASO is an Art Marketing Platform

It's more important than ever to find ways get your work out there and make sales in a virtual setting.

You know that FASO provides clean, modern artist websites. Did you know that we are an art marketing platform as well? 

Released in late 2022, the FASO Art Marketing Center is full of features to help you better market your art!

Within this Members Only database you can:

  • engage in community dialogue
  • ask questions
  • watch recent marketing webinar videos
  • take advantage of the Art Marketing Calendar

To access the FASO Art Marketing Center

  • from control panel
  • click Marketing icon (upper row)
  • click Visit Marketing Center button

It will open the Start Here screen.

Click here to check out AMP - the Art Marketing Playbook by Dave Geada. AMP gives you the proven formula to market your work, in an easy to follow step-by-step format. You can watch video and/or download a PDF.

Manage your Site on the Go

Not at your computer and need to add or update artwork on your website with your cell phone or tablet? No problem. Use the Free FASO app to make those changes.

For FASO app for iOS, see this Help Page:
How to Install the FASO App for iPhone

Our apologies, the FASO App for Android is no longer available

Due to the complexity of android, the size of our team, and the limited demand for the app, FASO does not plan to release a new android app.

Domain Registration and Personalized Domain Email

Paid membership plans include a Discounted Custom Domain.
(billed $10 per year for yearly plans or $0.84 per month for monthly plans)

The Silver, Gold and Platinum plans include at least one personalized email address. 

A Personalized domain email address tells everyone you share your email address with that you have a website which is free advertising for you. It is also needed if you intend to send newsletters, which we highly recommend.

See these FAQS:

Advantages of purchasing your domain through FASO:
• Everything is in one place. No need to keep track of a separate domain registration account.
• We automatically set it up for you so that it works almost immediately to pull up your site (within 2-12 hours).
• Domain renewed automatically (as long as you are a member unless you tell us differently. No need to be concerned that you will lose your domain because it expired without your knowledge.

Alt tags

Alt tags (short for alternate) provide a text alternative to an image.

Search engine crawlers use alt tags to decipher what an image is or what it is representing.

Our software creates alt tags for all your art images during the upload process. The 'alt tags' contain the image title, your name, the medium and the size of your pieces (taken from the info you input).

They pop up when you hover over an image.

For more info about alt tags, see this FAQ:
Image Alt Tags


We offer integrated PayPal on all member plans. 

Simply attach your paypal account so that Buy Now buttons are automated on all artwork images.  Visitors will stay on your site during the shopping process and only switch to PayPal site after they have made all their selections and are ready to pay.

FASO does not take any commission on your sales. 

See this FAQ:
How do I use PayPal and add Buy Now buttons?


We offer a way to integrate Stripe on all member plans.  
See this FAQ:
How to Use Stripe for Processing Payments


You can keep track of your site visitors with our statistics package. You will know when people visit your site, where they came from and where they are located down to the country, city and state.  You will know exactly which pages they viewed and what artwork interested them.

See all the FAQs on Analytics

FASO Artist Directory

When you become a paying member, your listing will automatically appear in our Artist Directory (Artist Websites).  This is a valuable incoming link for your website.

Click here for Artist Websites - A Directory by FASO

Artful Mail Newsletter

Your FASO account comes with integrated Email Newsletter software called Artful Mail. Email Newsletters are the #1 online activity that we've seen lead to increased art sales.

The Artful Mail Newsletter is highly recommended as a marketing tool for your artwork and your website. It has been specifically created for the needs of artists as a way for you to reach out to people who have expressed interest in your artwork and keep in touch with them.

See related FAQs here:
Building and Sending your Newsletter

FASO Blog Feature

Your FASO website comes with integrated blog. The Integrated Blog allows you to build your own community of followers and increase your visibility with Search Engines.

Not only is the blog designed with artists in mind, it integrates seamlessly with your FASO website. With each blog entry you post, you are adding new, searchable text, for search engines to index.

You also have the opportunity to submit your blog articles to our editor in consideration for republishing in FineArtViews providing for more exposure for you and your blog.

To check out some of the latest blog post by our FASO artists Click Here.

For more info on blogging, Click Here.

Promo Bar

Amp up your marketing! Promote your newsletter, online event, pop-up show or appeal to patrons to support your work with a bar at the top of every page on your site.

See this FAQ for more info:
Add an Announcement/Promo or Patron Bar

BoldBrush Artful Alerts

Our BoldBrush Artful Alerts feature, automatically builds a list of collectors for you right from your website. It then automatically emails them whenever you upload new art, encouraging them to visit your website and buy your art.

To learn more, see this FAQ:
BoldBrush Artful Alerts

BoldBrush Art Contest & Exhibit

Each FASO membership includes at least one (1) FREE entry each month in the BoldBrush Art Contest & Exhibit (a $14 value).
To see the breakdown of the number of Free Entries you are eligible to receive, click here.

The prestigious monthly BoldBrush Art Contest & Exhibit offers over $38,000 of cash and service awards every month.The judges are nationally and internationally acclaimed artists working in the field.

Click Here to go to the BoldBrush Art Contest & Exhibit.

Be sure to check out this FAQ:
How do I enter the BoldBrush art competition?

Social Media on FASO

Social media has become a powerful tool for both reaching new fans and staying in touch with established followers and collectors.

Setting up business accounts/pages on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest is a great way to generate and maintain interest in your art. 

Utilizing social media to promote your artwork does takes time and dedication however significant payoffs are often the outcome.

FASO understands the challenges. We offer several options to help you kickstart your social media marketing. To learn more, see the following FAQs.

Special Edition Newsletters to Promote You and Your Art

Additional Marketing opportunities provided by FASO

1. The Daily Art Stream Newsletter

Every time you upload new art, we'll showcase one of the pieces in our Daily Art Stream. The Daily Art Stream is emailed to our various newsletter subscribers which currently total over 77,494 art lovers.

You can take advantage of this even while you are in the Free Trial.
See this FAQ:
The Daily Art Stream Explained and How to Be Included

2. Special Edition New Members Newsletter

The Special New Members Edition of the Informed Collector is sent out every Saturday to over 22,500 subscribers and features new artists that have joined FASO and meet the following criteria.
Learn more here:
Informed Collector Special Edition ~ New FASO Artists

3. Gold and Platinum Members receive free promotion of their Workshops, Gallery and Museum exhibits and Festivals and Open Studios.

No need for you to do anything extra. Our software picks up your information you enter into your control panel automatically. To learn more see the following FAQs:

Remarkable Tech Support

As you can see FASO is not just another generic website development company offering templates for the general public to build websites. We are different. We are specialized.

Everything we do is for the artist.
Everything we do is to help you grow your business.

We believe you should be spending your time creating, painting and being an artist! We know that computers and the Internet can be very technical.

We are fanatical about going the extra mile to make your website experience simple and easy. Let us worry about the technical stuff so you can get back to where you belong - in your studio working!

Already have a website?

We understand that moving your old website content to your new FASO website can be daunting and time consuming. Let us do it for you!

See this Offer:
The FASO Artist Website Kickstart Service

Building your new FASO website yourself?

No need to ever feel overwhelmed. Our tech support staff is ready to answer your questions, and guide you through the setup of your website. We offer quick, reliable, personal service via email, chat, and phone.

We also have an easy to use web based system of FAQs you can access by clicking here.

Additional Helpful Info

To view FASO Templates on real artist's websites click here.

Be sure to review this page:
Why You’ll Love FASO

To sign up for a free 30 day, no obligation, trial of our software, click here.

To compare member plans, click here.


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