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How much does FASO cost? Membership Plans

Pricing Plans

Click here to see our Membership plans.

All plans include (unless otherwise noted):

Additional Details per Plan


$15/month (or $144/year, equivalent of $12/mo)


Up to 50 Subscribers
Send Up to 100 newsletters/month

NOTE: adding an Email Account will be an additional $0.50 (50 cents) per month, for a total monthly payment of $15.50 or $150 yearly.

Intro does not include the following categories or features:


$25/month (or $228/year, equivalent of $19/month)


Up to 100 Subscribers
Send Up to 300 newsletters/month

Silver does not include the following categories or features:

  • Articles
  • Workshops
  • Watermarks
  • Telephone Customer Support


$30/month (or $312/year, equivalent of $26/mo)


Up to 1000 Subscribers 
Send Up to 6000 newsletters/month


$45/month (or $480/year, which works out to $40/mo)


Up to 2500 Subscribers
Send Up to 15,000 newsletters/month

To change your plan:

  • login to your FASO Control Panel
  • click gear icon (upper right)
  • click Billing and Subscription

  • scroll down, click Change Your FASO Plan
  • click on Annual (you save money by paying yearly) or click on Monthly
  • click Sign Up
  • in the pop-up box, confirm that the plan and payment schedule are what you want (Annual or Monthly)
  • click Confirm

Info from this FAQ:
How do I change my plan?

*** Additional Domains are $20 yearly.
All FASO registered domains include a Privacy Setting at no additional charge.

Additional Email Accounts are $4.50 per month.

See this FAQ for more info:
How many domains can I register? What is the cost?


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