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Show Additional Views of Artwork, Framed, Unframed, etc.

Display other views of your work: Framed, detail, sides of a 3D piece etc

This document covers info on how to show multiple views of an artwork, such as how it looks framed or perhaps a detail view highlighting brushwork and texture. 
As a sculpture you may want to show different sides of a piece.

NOTE: This feature works on the Silver Plan and up. It is not available on the Intro Plan.

Here's how:

  • From FASO Control Panel
  • Click Artwork icon (upper row)
  • Click on thumbnail (left column) to edit (or click Edit on the right) 

  • Click Additional images of this art work

  • Click Select Image (under Click to Add a Framed Image)
    NOTE: it does not have to be an image of your artwork in a frame! It can be any image you wish to show as an additional image.

  • Choose one of the 2 tabs, Images or Upload
    When you click to Select Image, the Images tab only offers photos you've uploaded to Images/Your Non-Art Images.
    When you select an image, you will see a checkmark on the top right of the image

  • Click on the image - it pops right in.
  • NOTE: screen auto saves, you will not see a message indicating that it has been saved
  • To add additional images click + Add
    • follow the prompts
    • you can select multiple images at one time using the + Add function

  • To delete, click the red Minus/Delete icon
  • If you do not see the icon on multiple images
    click Enable sorting Mode
    click on the red Minus/Delete icon
    click Save
  • Once you've added all the images you want, you can rearrange the images by clicking on Enable Sorting Mode. Drag and drop the images.
  • Click Save Changes

There is no limit on how many multiple images you can add to an artwork.

NOTE 1: An additional image can only be assigned to one artwork at a time. 

If you attempt to assign the same image to another artwork, the image will disappear on the previous item. 
If you want to use the “same” image on multiple artworks, you will have to upload the same image multiple times and assign each one to a different artwork listing.
The other option is to add those "same" images to the artwork description field.

NOTE 2: alt tags

Alt tags will not show in full on artwork that has additional images added to it. For more info see this FAQ: Show Additional Views of Artwork, Framed, Unframed, etc.

Video Tutorial

Add PayPal Button to the Unframed and Framed Images

See this FAQ for how to:
Show Buy Now Buttons for Unframed and Framed Art

Additional related FAQ:
Additional Views - Show Thumbnails Instead of Dots


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