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Show Artwork Framed Plus Additional Views of Artwork

Display other views of your work: Framed, detail, sides of a 3D piece etc

These 3 options work on the Silver Plan and up. They're not available on the Intro Plan:

Show multiple views of an artwork, such as how it looks framed or a detail view to highlight brushwork and texture. Perhaps you want to show different sides of a sculpture. Here's how:

  • Login to FASO Control Panel
  • Click Artwork icon (upper row)
  • Click on thumbnail (left column) to edit (or click Edit on the right) 
  • Click Additional images of this art work (right of the image)

To add a framed image:

  • Click Select Image (under Click to Add a Framed Image)


When you click to Select Image, the Images tab only offers photos you've uploaded to Images/Your Non-Art Images.

Now you have a choice - Images or Upload

  • Stay on the Images tab & scroll down through your Non-Art Images

- or -

  • Click the Upload tab to upload a new one (to Non-Art) & follow the upload prompts
  • Find the image you want to use. Hover over it & it shows a check-mark.

  • Click on the image and it pops right in:

You can also Add Additional Images: 

  • Click Select Images (under Click to Add Additional Images)
  • Follow the same routine as above

Once you've added all the images you want (for now), you can:

  • Click Rearrange Additional Images

  • Drag and drop your additional images into the desired order
  • Click on the red box with the red minus sign icon to remove any


  • Click Apply Changes (bottom left)

  • Click Save and Exit (upper left)

View on Live Website

In this case, 3 views to choose from.

Additional Views - Images Instead of Dots

A Little Warning


a) You've duplicated an artwork so it can be in multiple collections and then they both need additional images


b) You want to use the same additional image for 2 different artworks


You need to upload a second copy of that additional image to Images/Your Non-Art Images. Give it a different title so you know which is which.

Otherwise, if you try to use the same non-art add'l image for a 2nd artwork, #2 will  'steal' it from the original artwork is was used on, with no warning. 😲 

(No clue what this is about? Good! That's a sign it's not an issue & you can ignore this bit.)

Video Tutorial

PayPal Buttons

Add a price to an additional view image (such as Framed), and you'll have 2 Add to Cart buttons:

Click Here for how to Show Options for Framed or Unframed Art

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