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Show Options for Framed or Unframed Art

Display Separate PayPal Buttons for 2 Prices Depending on Framing


Create a copy of the artwork image you want to add the Framed price onto, and save it somewhere easy to find in the next steps, such as on your computer desktop.


  • Log into FASO Control Panel
  • Click Artwork icon (upper row)
  • Click Additional images of this art work
  • Click Select Image (blue button under Click to Add a Framed Image)
  • Click Upload
  • Click on the blue box with the + to find your image
  • Find your image and double-click on it to select and open it
  • Click Upload (blue button)
  • Click Continue (green bar)

Now you should see both your Unframed and Framed Images in the screen.

  •  Click Save and Exit (green button, upper left)
  •  For RetailPrice, enter your unframed price (low on screen)
  •  Click Show Advanced Commerce Settings (blue link near bottom, left)*
  •  For Framed Price, enter price (low on screen)
  •  Click Save Changes (bottom left)

*Notice in the steps above, after you click Show Advanced_Commerce_Settings, you can also add sizes for Framed Vertical & Framed Horizontal Sizes:

This is what it looks like on the live website:

NOTE: you can also use the Unframed and Framed settings to sell a choice of Prints / Note Cards that have only 2 options. See:
Add a Buy Now Button with Multiple Choices

Want to add a cool virtual frame on your 2nd image? See this FAQ:
How do I edit an image and the content on an image in my portfolio after uploading?

Also see:
Show Artwork Framed Plus Additional Views of Artwork


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