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Edit the Appearance of an Uploaded Image

For editing the CONTENT on an image file (title, dimension, price, etc.), see Edit Content on an Uploaded Image.

Edit an Uploaded Image

  • login to FASO Control Panel
  • click Artwork icon (upper row)
  • click on thumbnail to access image editing screen for that artwork (or click on the word Edit, far right column)
  • click Edit this Image (to the right of the image)

You will see gridlines on the image which represent its current default state. 

  • choose an option listed below the image to edit as needed
  • top level options 
    • Transform
    • Filters
    • Adjust
    • Frames
      Each top level option has a number of additional options to select.

Transform tab

  • Under the Transform tab (below the pixel dimensions) are preset options for
    • Common
      provides you with custom crop options, along with the most common image ratio formats
    • Instagram
      shows preset options for Instagram images based on their use on the Instagram Platform; 
      profilepicture, square, and story
    • Facebook 
      shows preset options for the image roles on Facebook; 
      Post, Profile, Title, and Ad
  • Click on any of the options to see what is offered. 
  • Collapse the option by clicking the button again or one of the other buttons.

Filters tab

Adjust tab

Frames tab

  • click Update Image button when editing is complete

NOTE: It can take a few minutes for a newly edited image to show on your website. You may need to refresh your browser's window and/or clear cache.


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